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Large number of candidates with assessment software

Plenty of concurrent test takers

Organizing campus drives in colleges and aptitude tests in the entrance levels is now made comfortable with very large number of exam takers.

Go ahead and plan a giant amount of test series on the online test platform with large number of concurrent candidates giving the tests at the same time, either on the same location or at many different locations across the globe.

Also there is a possibility of enhancing the available infrastructure to make the enormous load smooth and easy going. Thousands of candidates can now take exams together and the exam manager's desire for one time testing for a particular cause is now a delightful reality, thanks to the best assessment software.

Online Test Platform Live Monitoring

The assessment software with an addictive tool for exam managers

Watch the exams live. See the current activity of the candidates, such as taking (live) completed, dropped exams with their number of attempts, device name, browser, operating system, IP address and location details.

Get push notifications for important exam events on your Android device. Please download this Android app from Google Play Store

Live exam monitoring is made very handy and accurate with the use of exam monitor. Watch live videos of the candidates for advance security with AI based Proctoring.

Online Test Platform for Self Study

Empower the learner – Test Maker Software

SpeedExam is an unique online test platform offering Test Maker Software - A tool for self-study.

Test Maker Software enables learners to create tests on different parameters assisting self-study.

Learners can select tutor or test mode also can create tests choosing different difficulty level, number of questions, sections.

The candidate can create a test from a huge question bank specifying Unused, Incorrect, and Flagged questions. The questions asked repeatedly can be prevented with our assessment software.

Administrators just need to create a question bank once and test can be created by learners. Test Maker is a win-win tool polishing the learners and facilitating the administrators.

The performance reports of the test maker software in the online test platform provides a perfect track record of understanding and level of exam preparation of the learners.

Self registration for online exam software


An online test platform with secured registration utility. This facilitates the exam managers / Administrators in the process of candidate management for campus drives, employee appraisals and aptitude tests. SpeedExam offers customized form builder for collecting the candidate information as the requirement.

Our assessment software offers easy API for self-registration to integrate with the existing website, LMS or management system of the customers.

Online Test Platform to Sell Exam Packages

The Online Test Platform to Sell Exams

SpeedExam helps to create an exclusive online store. Choose the tests and make online test series / exam packages. Just set the price of the test and you're good to go.

Upon each successful payment, you'll be paid instantly to PayPal account, and the candidate would be able to take the test immediately.

Please see this step by step Guidelines for Test Taker (Payee)

Please refer the administrator's help and documentation for creating paid exams

Multilingual Assessment Software

Multilingual Assessment Software

SpeedExam provides the complete user interface in most used languages globally. This assists in conducting tests in multiple languages enabling more candidates to take tests.

This is an online test platform providing the user interface in almost all languages. We are very fond of adding new ones in the existing list.

On the top of it, customize logo, color, and layout as per your organizational theme.

Online Testing Question Types

An Assessment Software with Advanced Question Types.

Online testing have become super dynamic, there is a constant need of updating the assessment process, we support this need of providing different types of challenges and tools to assess the candidate.

SpeedExam offers you 10 different types of questions namely (1) Multiple Choice (2) Multiple Correct (3) Fill in the blank (4) Matching Type (5) Drag and Match (6) Yes / No (7) True / False (8) Essay Type (9) Scenario based questions (10) Video/Audio questions.

Assign marks as per difficulty level of a question and supportive explanations can be added easily. If required, add tags to the question which would be hidden to the candidate but can help the exam manager. Enjoy Testing with our online test platform.

Theme Builder for Assessment Software

Theme builder

New advanced theme builder is available with our assessment software. Customize look and feel as your company branding.

Create an exact simulated environment for the most of aptitude and recruitment tests around the world. Our assessment software offers Medical, Nursing, Banking, etc exam screens and we love to create new environments, please ask.

Mock tests made more realistic with our online test platform.

Analysis for Online Test Platform

Professional Analysis - A Guide for future

SpeedExam understands the efforts put in with the creation of the question bank. Our assessment software gives detailed information on the questions and sections such as Challenge Quotient (CQ) and Difficulty Level. The future selection of questions to be considered while creation of test would get easy.

The overall performance of all the sections can be seen, and details can be visualized on a click, this helps the exam manager as well as the tutor to decide on the further actions. The classroom teaching gets a lot of support and guidance from the analysis.

Also, information on exams such as scheduled, completed or pending by date and time, score, groups and names is provided in our online test platform.

File Manager for Assessment Software

Use and Store Documents & Files

Add the images, Video, Audio, Document or Presentation to the storage once and use the same multiple times without any hassle.

Our assessment software assists the use of documents and files stored in the best possible way such as in questions, notifications, directions and explanations. The files stored are securely saved and available as ready reference at the need hour.

Admin Users for Online Test Platform

Access Rights for Admin Users

SpeedExam offers to assign the roles to the people involved in the testing process. Role of a user decides the access rights and can be assigned with our online test platform.

These instructor accounts namely Exam Manager (Admin), Content Providers (Professors, Teachers), Data Entry Operator, Assessors and their access rights can be assigned as per the exams, content, date and time, candidates and general administration.

The access rights can be edited as per the need for future exams.

Assessment Software Email Customization

Customized Email - The Best Tool in Communication

The candidates receive timely information on all the major events related to their online tests. Our assessment software offers customized email for activities like exam schedule, sign-in details, notifications, results, certificates and reports.

The exam manager need not bother to send separate emails or phone calls to the candidates for providing information regarding their tests.

When a candidate self-registers, send a welcome email automatically. If the candidate forgets the password, design Forget Password email template from the admin account.

Online Test Platform for Cheating Prevention

Cheating Prevention

SpeedExam ensures prevention and intimation of cheating and malpractices during the online test. An instant notification is received upon any unusual activity detected and corrective action can be taken.

Our online test platform gives smart web proctoring where invigilator can see and record live video of the test taker, if any unusual behaviour is found one can warn the candidate via live chat and pause or terminate the exam in extreme cases.

Advanced Certificate Maker for Assessment Software

An Online Test Platform with Customized Certificate Maker

Candidates are awarded certificates upon successful completion of the tests. SpeedExam gives an opportunity to create the specific designed certificates in customized certificate maker.

Design certificate by adding logo, signature, text and background. Also can add data fields like Candidate name, exam name, score, certificate number and date in the certificate.

Choose from our 100+ best-designed certificate templates.

This customized certificate maker of our assessment software would make all aptitude tests and national level championships and event to stay forever.

Question Upload for Online Test Platform

Transfer the Data from Word or Excel formats.

Offline authoring from Excel or word formats is easily done with our online test platform. All the valuable question banks and the informative candidate details can be uploaded. The tiring task of data entry is to a certain extent made interesting and simple.

Upload questions from any existing system into SpeedExam using Excel or Word. create all the types of questions in excel, word or image format for offline authoring or creation of question bank. Also there is a facility called TransQ to transfer all the data and questions with our expertise and service.

Assessment Software Data Export

Export Data with Ease and Accuracy

SpeedExam is an online test platform where one can create and preserve data for future reference.

Export the data such as Questions, candidates, groups and sections in a popular file formats such as Microsoft Excel, CSV and reports can be exported in PDF.

This data can also be shared with anyone easily. Sharing and preserving of the valuable data are made possible with minimum efforts.

When needed back, the same Data can be imported to the system by a single click.

SMS Integration for Assessment Software

SMS Integrated Assessment Software

Integrate any SMS API and send SMS to the registered candidates right away from the Admin account. Just provide simple API details and be ready to go. No technical skills required.

You can include data variables in the SMS such as Name, Username, and Password of the candidates. Personalized SMS is sent to the candidates regarding their login details and exam details.

Notify the candidates about their online quiz and assessments directly from the system.

Data Security For Online Test Platform

Data Security

For data security, our assessment software uses industry leading GlobalSign SSL for encrypted and authenticated data communication. Once we receive the data, we protect it on our servers using a combination of administrative, physical and logical security safeguards at our data centre in the United States.

We're striving to provide water tight security and prevent any data leakage of our customers. Have a look at our updated privacy policy, It's more user-friendly and addresses new data regulations including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implementations at SpeedExam.

Online Test Platform Support

A Trusted Online Test Platform with Awesome Support

We love to assist our customers in any query and help needed. Surely try to solve them at priority, our 24 / 7 email support is here to help.

We’ve given integrated support ticketing system right there in the admin account, so when any help is required, Just drop a line.

We also provide phone support when you want to talk to us.

We also offer live chat for immediate and urgent queries and assistance. SpeedExam is the most trusted assessment software and we are committed to serve you better each day.

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