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Remote Online Proctoring

Online proctoring, also known as proctoring software, is a method of using technology to administer exams and assessments remotely. This will increase proctoring software cost test taker flexibility and convenience, making the exam more accessible to more test takers.

Best online proctoring software typically uses webcams and microphones to monitor candidates during the exam. Monitoring software secure proctoring can detect and flag suspicious activity such as fraud and collusion. Some online proctoring platforms also include the use of biometric technologies such as Facial recognition to further verify the identity of test takers. Using an online proctoring system has several advantages.

Candidates can take the exam from home or anywhere with an internet connection, giving them more flexibility in scheduling and location. This saves time and money for both the candidate and the organization managing the exam.

Online test proctoring software can also improve the accessibility of exams for people with disabilities because technology allows them to make adjustments more easily.

Remote Online Proctoring

Remote online proctoring Experience advanced security with our AI-based proctoring which uses a combination of AI and human proctors. Choose from our three Proctored offerings:

1. ProctorLite - An image-based proctoring service where images are captured at set intervals.

2. Audio & Video Proctoring - An audio and video-based proctoring service wherein the audio and video feeds of the candidates can be live monitored or reviewed later from the stored feed

3. AI based audio and Video Proctoring - An AI-based suspicious activity detection system in addition to the features offered by the audio and video proctoring software.

With our latest update, we have introduced the feature to record the entire screen of the candidate during the exam. This allows the admin to monitor any activity happening behind the exam screen.

Our live proctoring software is designed to ensure the best security and integrity of online exams, providing a top-notch solution for proctoring software for online exams. When it comes to proctoring software for schools, colleges or enterprise businesses, our platform stands out as one of the best proctoring software available in the market.

SpeedExam online proctoring software offers a secure and convenient way to administer exams remotely, and with the right online proctoring platform, you can ensure the integrity of the testing process while providing flexibility to candidates.

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