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Exam monitor Live coverage of your exams Live coverage of the examinations showing details such as candidates taking, completed and dropped tests with their number of attempts, device name, browser, operating system, IP address and location details. Read More  See Demo
Plenty of test takers Smooth concurrent exams An enormous number of candidates are catered smoothly providing concurrent exams, a delight to both test takers and the managers. Our online exam system built for a large number of simultaneous test sessions. Read More
Test maker software Practice made perfect Test Maker Software efficiently assists self-study. Learners can select tutor or test mode. The questions can choose as per, unused, incorrect or flagged. The best test prep tool for critical examinations like medical, nursing, aviation and many more. Read More  Watch Video
Advanced theme builder Make it yours Advanced theme builder for your administrator and candidate sites. Customize the look and feel of both the sites as your company branding. Design the test interface precisely same as medical, nursing, legal and banking exam systems. Read More
Integrated email and SMS Tell your candidates in time Continuous and interactive communication help you provide effective testing. Send a personalized email and SMS for exam sign-in details, instructions, test results, certificates, reports, files and notifications in just no time. Read More
Advance question types with a strong performance The question can present to candidates in multiple ways such as Scenario-Based, Drag and Match, Video and Audio items. All exams graded with the detailed and accurate performance report with exact details such as time taken for each item. Read More
Fits in all gadgets in the pockets 100% Responsive SpeedExam goes well with all the mobile and tablet devices. Create and deliver exams in less than a minute. Our candidate site is optimized for the mobile version and provides the faster than app testing experience. Read More
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